Monday, August 31, 2009

Malaysia celebrates her 52nd Independence Day today

Let us ensure that the flag of honour, Jalur Gemilang, will continue to fly proudly in the international arena. Let us pray that this great journey of ours is blessed and guided by the Almighty...Proud to be Malaysian !

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whiplash Factory Weedless Plugs vs Haruan

Wearing my lucky t-shirt again (..i don't know why..i love so much this t-shirt ) , cast this morning with my friend..Pak Majid at drain Sungai Bangat area

Pak Majid with his catch...500grm haruan using River2sea Bully Wa frog
Today i'm using Whiplash Factory Weedless Plugs ( F.O.DC / ST.RE )

I cast my frog into isolated bushy area standing out among a patch of weedy water . I saw my line disappeared inside the weedy area . Huge bubbles rose to surface ,i waited for 4-5 second before i gave it a hefty yank. My rod bending C-shaped...Yehoo!!!..i catch 1.0 kg Haruan.

A lovely looking haruan taken on Whiplash Factory weedless Plugs...solid hook-up!

My weapon today..Abu Garsia Cardinal 104 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast rod + 20lb Power Pro braided line

Bye-bye....thank for superb strike!

I was really happy today with my catch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Journey from Labuan Island to Keningau , Sabah ( Part 2 ) : A tale to remember

22 Ogos...8am boarding on ferry Labuan Island to Menumbuk ,Sabah

Arrived Menumbuk 1030am

From Menumbuk , i drive to roundabout of Kuala Penyu

From roundabout of Kuala Penyu , i drive to Beaufort - Sepitang-Tenom-Keningau . At keningau i sleep at my friend house .

The next day i visit my friend at Tambunan . My friend take me to Mahua waterfall at Crocker Range Park


It so beautiful... so big!

Mahua waterfall

This is the best part..yehoooo!!!..ahhhh...i can do this the whole day

The view from top of Crocker Range ( Crocker Range National Park was established in 1984, although the area had previously been under protection as a forest reserve. It covers the north-south Crocker Range, of 1200-1800 meter mountains in Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo, which separate the western coastal plain with the rest of the state )

My friend and i...Mr Azizul aka chemistry super guru

Tamu ( market ) at Keningau

Red hot chili pepper...he2...are you dare?

Patin fish



Pelian fish


I buy 1kg eel for dinner

River prawn

Hand made parang ( machete )

This parang is art work

Tenom town

In the centre of Tenom town..there are Antanum monument ( Antanum: Antanum or Antanom (died 1904) was a famous Murut warrior in North Borneo (now Sabah), Malaysia during the British North Borneo Company era )

Sepitang "Tamu"...( Tamu mean market )

Manggis aka sweat juicy with thick reddish brown rind .

I buy durian..."Malaysia King of fruit"...are dare to eat this fruit?

Stop at drain near Sepitang...cast and get lot of hook up..Yehooo!!

River prawn ..Yummy...rm 15 per kg

Arived at Kuala Penyu..another 32km to Menumbuk

Arived at Menumbuk

boarding to the ferry at Manumbuk

This is express bus Menumbuk to Kota Kinabalu

Inside the ferry 1030am...around 1230pm arived at Labuan island

Journey from Labuan Island to Keningau , Sabah : The Haruan heaven ( Part 1 )

On the way drive to Menumbuk terminal ferry ...i found one drain full weedy area at Sepitang . I stop and try to cast this drain .

The killer lure..i use Seahawak Mini Frog today

First catch ..200grm haruan...which was the begining of better things to come

Second catch...200grm Haruan

Third cacth 400grm haruan...and on and on...

Close up view...Seahawk mini frog with Haruan of 11 snakehead were caught in 2 hours...dream come true !

Thank for great fight...all haruans i released back to the drain .