Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Berkley PowerBait vs Haruan

4.30pm Kinabenuwa canal,my friends and i went back again to hunt snakehead . We never knew where the haruan might be strike. Often it beside the grass but sometimes in the middle of canal too .

Today i'm using Berkley PowerBait Power Grub ( Pearl white ) first catch 200grm Haruan

Yes! second catch 500grm Haruan

Small curly tail grub soft plastics are popular with haruan

Persistently working with Berkley PowerBait paid off..two good size haruan..yehooo!!

Mr Amir with his 500grm Haruan

Catch and release..till we meet again in the future

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The magnificent haruan vs Abu Garsia Black Max

4.15pm ,Kinabenuwa areas i trekking deeper to explore this area . I found lot of potential spot for snakehead baitcasting . Sadly i found abondon fishing net...this really death trap for fish

Today i'm using Surecatch Froggy weedless plug series ( F07/6.5cm/14g )..most effective for haruan which hide inside the deep snags.

Yehooo...yes!..i cought 500grm was a great moral booster for me

Today i'm using my newest weapons that just i bought this morning...Abu Garsia Black Max baitcaster + Lemax Slim Max rod + Power Pro Phantom Red line
Ha..ha..ha..once again! Haruan rip off my Surecatch Froggy...

should catch & release be confined to the new genaration of anglers.

Bye...bye my sweat heart

Thank for good fight...till we meet again

Monday, December 22, 2008


I came with my friends to Kinabenuwa areas . It's still a thrilling experience catching a 600grm Haruan today..I'm back!!
My friends that joined me today...thank guy!you are pure bait caster..

Yehooo.. i caught 1.1kg Haruan ( Channa sitratus ) i'm using Surecatch Froggy Weedless plug series ( F07/6.5cm/14g) me a good fight!

Arghhhhh...not again !!..Today haruan rip off my Surecatch Froggy

Mmmmmmpuahhhh...a good bye kiss..thank for a good fight

Catch, photo and realese ( C.P.R )

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kinabenuwa snakehead heaven

Kinabenuwa..the new area i just try explore this afternoon with my friend..what lure should i use?

Today i'm using Surecatch Froggy Weedless plug series ( F08/6.5cm/14g )

Yehooo...600grm Haruan ( Channa sitrus )

Solid hooked up by Haruan

poor my Surecatch off by carnivorous haruan

he2..look at my beautifull

Mangrove jack vs Abu Garsia C5

Mangrove area at Lubuk Temiang,Labuan Island

My friends and i

Mangrove Jack vs Hinomiya pencil lure

500 grm siakap merah ( Mangrove jack/red snapper) caught by Mr Amir

This is the fiber glass boat that we use

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snakehead : Special Ops

Merinding lake..Labuan Island

Full set camo..Desert storm ?..Guess who is this?..he2

Chicken liver as a bait

Live Talapia/Javanese Talapia fish ( Oreochromis Massombicus ) as a bait

800grm Haruan caught by Mr Asmat using live Talapia fish as a bait

700grm Haruan caught by Mr Amir using live Talapia fish as a bait's mine!(he2..just take picture with haruan caught by them..not my day!..)

My newest snakehead hunting lures

Hunting for snakehead species is one of adventurous experience because this species is not only agressive but also smart.Anglers need to master various techniques and knows which lures suitable to be used in certain conditions.
This is the latest lures that i bought to hunt snakehead species.

Surecatch FROGGY Weedless plug series ( F07/6.5cm/14g)

Surecatch FROGGY Weedless plug series ( F08/6.5cm/14g)

Surecatch FROGGY Weedless plug series ( F06/6.5cm/14g)

Bocean Propeller spinner

Berkley Powerbait Sabertail Bug watermelon 8cm

Berkley Powerbait Power Grub

BAKAU Spinner D2P 3 ( 8g )

BAKAU Spinner D2P 4 ( 10g )

Strike Pro Lure -EG056AL ( 12cm/31.6g/1-1/8oz )

Strike Pro Lure -EG056 ( 12cm/31.6g/1-1/8oz )

These are among the my best bait casting record for 2008 ( 3.5kg toman / Channa micropeltes )caught using Surecatch FROGGY Weedless plug series ( F07/6.5cm/14g)with added propeller spinner infront .