Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snakehead buster

430pm...arm with machete , explore and cast new area at Village X with my friend...Ridzuan

Ridzuan in action!...he get 6 great strikes but no hook up

My first cast near the snaggy area... get one great strike...Pop!...Yehoo!!! i catch 400grm haruan .

A mouthful of lure !

Snakehead with my weapons...TICA DJ 100 + 30lb Deep Inpul braided line + Lemax Slim Max rod

Catch and released

The my Snakehead killer lure of the day...Eupro Superior frog

ha2...look at my pant and gum boot full with mud !

640pm..we pack our gear and back home

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haruan special op : A new paradise

430pm cast new area with my friends near village X .

First cast from Fizan...get one great strike near snaggy area..Pop!...finally catch 500grm haruan...

Cast the lure near a tree trunk...suddenly get one great strike !..Pop!...Yehoo!!!..i catch 400grm haruan

Close up view...haruan walloped the Eupro Superior frog

Catch and released

Bye-bye till next fight !

Last cast from Khalid...get one great strike middle of the pond ..Pop!...finally Khalid catch 700grm haruan!

640pm...we pack our gear and back home

The forgotten tresure

550am..cast with my friend..Yasin at super snaggy pond near vilage X .

After 3 cast..i get one great strike in the midle of the pond ...Pop! Yehoo!!!..i catch 600grm haruan

Haruan with my weapons

Wow!...haruan walloped the Eupro Superior frog ( white )

Last cast from Yasin ...suddenly Yasin get one great strike ! ...pop !

Yasin with 400grm haruan

It time to go !

Catch and released

Thursday, January 28, 2010

White mini frog : the great liar

5.30pm..back from work , cast with my friend at drain near my school .

Ridzuan catch 600grm haruan

Ridzuan get great strike at this weddy area

Close up view...Haruan swallow the Surecatch mini frog ( white) my day ! get six great strikes but still not hook up...but don't worry always be happy !... till next hunt .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The snow white VS snakehead

530pm..cast with my friend at black swamp near my house

Yehoo!!!..i catch 500grm haruan

Haruan with my weapons today...Seahawk Bass 103 baitcast + 30 lb Power Pro braided line + Seahawk Rinji rod

The manner the white lure has been taken can only mean that ot has really triggered the hunger pang of this haruan .

My killer lure of day!..Eupro Superior frog ( white )

Suddenly Ridzuan get one great strike !...Eeeeeyahh!

Ridzuan catch 1.0kg haruan

Wow!...the haruan size of Ridzuan palm's!

Close up view ..haruan swallowed the Surecatch junior frog ( white )

Wow!...i love sunset

640pm ...We back home with great smile ... :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cast with Labuan snakehead hunter team

430pm...Cast with my friens from Labuan Snakehead hunter team

My friends from Labuan snakehead hunter team...Fizan ,Pijul ,khalid and Ridzuan

My first catch ...600grm haruan ..Yehoo!

Haruan with my weapons..TICA DJ 100 baitcast + 30lb Deep Inpul braided line + Lemax Slim Max rod

My killer lure!..Eupro superior frog ( green)

Catch and released

My second catch..200grm haruan

Solid hook up!...Haruan with Eupro superior frog ( white)

Last cast by Ridzuan , get one strike near weed pockets...finally Ridzuan catch 300grm haruan