Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tarpon Redbull

530pm..cast with my friend at " redbull " near Village X .

My first catch...46cm tarpon using Surecatch minnow..yeahhh!!!

Yeahh!!!..tarpon big mama

My second catch...33cm snakehead using Berkley Powerbite grub

Yeah! Berkley Powerbite Grub rock!

Junnes with snakehead using ZEAL spinnerbite

ZEAL spinnerbite solid hook up!

catch and released..yehaaaaaaaa!!!

Long life the crank !

630am cast with my friends at " Redbull " near Village X .

My first catch...36cm snakehead using Eupro crank

My second catch...42cm snakehead using Seahawk 3D eye Spinerbite

My third catch...42cm snakehead using Rapala Fat rap

Mr Junnes with his catch using Zeal spinerbite

Mr Ardito with his first catch using Eupro crank

Mr Ardito with his second catch using Berkley Powerbite grub soft plastic

time to go!

Snakehead gangsta paradise

530pm...Cast with my friend near Village X .

My first catch 47cm snakehead using prototype frog

47cm snakehead..yeah!

my second catch 39cm snakehead..yehoo!!!

wow!solid hook up!

39cm snakehead

Catch and released ..yeah!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Snakehead love crank

6pm..cast with my friend at " Redbull pond " near village X .

Cast Eupro crank fire tiger in the middle of pond...get strike and snakehead jumping in the air..yeahh!!! i catch 40cm snakehead

Wow! super hook up...snakehead swallowed Eupro crank

My friend..Junnes with his catch..bravo!

Zeal spinnerbite rock!

catch and released

Berkley Powerbite Grub VS Snakekehead

630am cast with my friends at "Redbull pond" near Village X .

first i try Eupro crank get two time miss hook up...than i change to Berkley Powerbite Grub fire tiger . Cast to the middle of the pond....get strike and give good fight...yehooo!!! i catch 38cm snakehead .

Berkley Powerbite Grub fire

30cm snakehead

Cast Berkley Powerbite Grub near tree trunk..get one great strike...yeah!!! i catch 40cm snakehead

Berkley Powerbite Grub white solid hook up!

My friend ..Ridzuan catch snakehead using Ofmer Crank

My friend...Ardy first catch

My friend...Ardy second catch

My friend...Ardy third! bravo

catch and released..yeaaah!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm back!

After almost 2 week busy with lot of work at office , finally to i"m back to hunt snakehead at sugur cane farm near Village X .

First cast Seahawk mini frog but no strike , than i change to River2seaBully wa 55 frog . Cast in the middle of drain...get one great strike..yehooo!!! i catch 41cm snakehead .

wow! River2sea Bully wa 55 frog superb solid hook up!

41cm snakehead..yeahhh!!!

Thank Mr snakehead!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Feel sorry to all my blog reader

Feel so sorry to all my blog reader...this week i am so busy with lot of work at my office ,will back in action next week

Friday, June 8, 2012

Big mama VS Mr Black

630am...cast alone at sugar cane farm near Village X this morning .

Cast almost 30 minutes without any strike....than i hear loud sound ...boommm!!! in the middle of drain. Cast Seahawk mini frog in the middle of drain...booom!!! get one great strike...yeahhh!!!..i catch 43cm haruan .

wow! snakehead swallowed Seahawk mini frog

43cm mama snakehead yeahhh!!!

Catch and released for future anglers..yeahhh!!!