Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC+ : First blood

7am..cast with my friend at place we called " 3 hut" near Village X . Let the hunt begin
Yehoo!!!...i get one great strike in weedy area..Pop!..i catch 1.4 kg Giant Snakehead ( toman /Channa Micropeltes )
Wow!..superb solid hook up!...Giant snkehead swallowed my lure
My Conquest DC first blood...Giant snakehead !
Giant snakehead compare to my weapons today...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + Expert Graphite rod + 23lb Viravas braided
Catch and released..thank for superb fight!
My snakehead serial killer today...Seahawk Mini frog

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My new weapon...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC

Today i buy my dream weapon..Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100 DC...Yehoo!!!..hope i will catch more fish with my new weapon .
It features 8 different pre-programmed braking patterns based on lure and casting type. With this technology, each of the 8 pre-programmed braking patterns provide awesome control of the feeding of the line by applying the ideal amount of braking force at
critical intervals.

The increased RPM's provided by the Digital Control System ensure longer casts. At the same time, the pre-programmed braking patterns allow for not only easy, external adjustment for any situation, but also an extremely manageable cast with less backlash.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black maria

520pm..cast alone at " Superfortress " near village X.
Catch small snakehead ..yehoo!! 300grm haruan
wow! My Seahawk mini frog swallow by this small snakehead
Small snakehead compare with my weapons..Abu Garsia C3 + Abu Garsia Vendetta rod
Catch and released!..Yeahh!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The snakehead killer

530pm...cast with my friends at " Snakehead superfortress" near Village X...let the hunt begin !
Afterb 30 minutes cast witout any strike..finally i get one soft strike near dead trees..Yehoo!!!..i catch 400grm haruan . Today i'm using Seahawk Mini frog ( black) .
Snakehead with my weapons today...Abu Garsia Vendetta rod + Shimano calcutta 50XT
catch and released...please grow bigger! someday we will meet again..yeah!

Mr Channa VS Mr Bully Wa 55

6pm..cast with my friend at " Double blade " near village X . Let the hunt begin..!
My third cast into weedy area...get great strike..booom!!!...Yehooo!!!..i catch 800grm haruan ( Channa striatus )
Yeah! solid hook up
Snakehead with my weapons today...Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning reel + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast II rod + 15lb SUFIX performance braid
My killer lure today...River2sea Bull Wa 55 frog combine with blue propeller
Tiil we meet again Mr Channa...yeah! thank for superb strike

Monday, September 13, 2010

Giant snakehead attack again !

6pm..cast with my friend at " Black roots " near Village X . Let hunt begin !
My friend..Ridzuan catch Giant Snakehead ( toman / channa micropeltes) ..bravo!
VIVA TR 50 frog nice hook up on Giant snakehead!
Catch and released...yeahhh!!!
Not my day!..just get two strike...till next hunt!..he2

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black mamba

540pm..cast with my friend at " snakehead superfortress n" near Village X .
My third cast ...get strike near weedy area..Pop!..Yehoo!!!..i catch 400grm haruan
Snakehead swallow Scum!
my weapons today..Lemax Slim Max rod + Abu Garsia C3
catch and released...630 pm i pack my gear and back home..till next hunt!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Snakehead Superfortress

This morning my friends and i explore new area..we called this swamp..." Superfortress " because full of so hard to!.
While explore this swamp..i found beautiful!

Just my first cast..get one great strike!..yehoo!!!..i catch 500grm haruan

Wow!solid hook up...snakehead swallow my lure
My weapons today..Shimano Calcutta 50 XT + Expert Graphite rod
My killer lure today ..seahawk mini frog combine with green propeller...830am i pack my gear and back home .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The preadator of Green swamp

5.09pm..cast alone at swamp near my house...let the hunt begin!
After two miss hook up..finally i catch 300grm haruan...small but give me good fight.
Seahawk Mini Frog solid hook up on haruan lips!
Snakehead compare with my weapons today...Abu Garsia Vendetta rod + Abu Garsia C3 round baitcast...540pm i pack my gear and back home .