Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giant snakehead : My record breaker !

Explore new area with my friends near Village X . 

After two time miss hook up ...finally my Seahawak mini frogy get great strike in the middle of the drain .  I saw my line  disappeared inside the weedy area . I waited for 3-4 second before i gave it a heavy yank . My god , it was something much bigger than i thought . The huge fellow broke the surface in its bid to get rid of the hook . after failing to do so  , it surged left and right among underwater weeds , which saw my rod bending to heart-thorobbing in the middle of the drain . If it had gone into the thicker bushes , the game was a good as gone .
The fight lasted for 4 minutes , before the fellow wrapped itself with a huge buch of weeds and exhausted in process . I won ! . I really happy it was my biggest Giant Snakehead for year 2012. ....Yeahhhh!!!

Seahawk mini frogy solid hook up 
yeahhh!!! my personal record for 2012..77cm Giant snakehead
This Giant snakehead i released back to nature...till we  meet again " Big mama " !

Good morning Mr Snakehead !

Cast this morning with my friend at " ghost tree " near Village X 
my friend..Ridzuan first catch using Terminator T1 spinnerbite
my friend..Ridzuan second catch using Seahawk mini  frogy
After trying several time using Seahawk mini frogy but no strike...than i change to Bakau Spinnerbite that i combine with Berkley Powerbite Grub , cast into weedy area...get one great strike...i yank my rod and landed 40cm snakehead..yeahh!!
Solid hook up! Bakau spinnerbite combine with Berkley  Powerbite grub 
All snakehead we released back to the swamp...till we meet again Mr  snakehead !

Saturday, November 17, 2012

November rain

Explore new area with my friends today near Village X . 
first i'm using seahawk mini frog but no strike , than i change to Matrix spoon that i combine with Berkley  Powerbait Grub soft plastic . i the spoon inside tree trunk , thaen get great strike inside tree trunk . I yank my rod and fight almost 2 minutes and i landed 42cm snakehead...yeahhh!!!
I released back this snakehead to nature...till we meet again .  Suddenly heavy  rain  , we pack our gear and back home

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ito Monoblock : first blood

Cast with my friends this morning near Village X .
After trying almost one hour , finally i get strike near weedy area ...yeahhh!!! finally My Megabass Ito Monoblock first blood 
Time to go Mr Snakehead!

Double mini snakehead

Cast with my friend near Village X today . I found Giant snakehead parents aggressively guard their spawn, which is unusual for a fish. The father corrals and guides the fry while the mother patrols at a distance . When using Spinnerbite Terminator T1 , get miss hook up two times . hmmm...not my day . Than i change to Eupro Crank .
After miss hook up with "big mama "Giant snakehead , finally i only catch this small baby Giant snakehead using Eupro crank .
Eupro Crank doing good job today! solid hook up!
My second catch baby Giant Snakehead...yeahh!..small but i still happy to catch something today , till next hunt. All Giant snakehead i released back to nature .

Monday, November 5, 2012

My new weapon...Megabass Ito Monoblock 100XR

So happy today i recived new weapon from Japan ...Megabass Ito Monoblock 100XR . Let go fishing !
Specifications   :      Gear Ratio 5.8:1 
                            Measured Max. Drag 9lbs
                            Tapered Spool Inductor, Externally adjustable brake system, machine-cut  
                            knobs, aluminum clutch bar