Thursday, January 26, 2012

Terminator VS Snakehead

8am...cast alone at " The Grave" near Village X . First i'm using River2sea Bully Wa 45 but no strike.

Than i change to STORM Terminator spinnerbait. Casting near dead tree trunk in pond , when i was very gently pulled down momentarily . I immediately reacted with good yank which force the to take to the air . Yehoo!!!..i catch 33cm haruan.

STORM Terminator spinnerbait VS snakehead = solid hook up !

My killer lure today..Storm Terminator spinnerbait

Time to go!..catch and released for future anglers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank to all blog readers

Received a masage from my friend this morning informing me that my blog was selected as one of the top 75 fishing blog for the year 2011. So, I quickly checked my link and found this :-

The Top 75 Fishing Blogs

Presented by, your guide to The Post 9/11 GI Bill.

For generations, fishing has been a favorite American pastime and one of our most well-loved sports. Perhaps one of the main reasons why fishing is so beloved by millions of Americans is due to its versatility.

Fishing can be as relaxing or as exhilarating as you want it to be. You can spend the day at a local lake or pond relaxing or enjoy an exciting day on a bass fishing boat. As long as there’s a body of water, be it a lake, stream, river or ocean, there’s fishing to be had.

However, any seasoned fisherman will tell you that fishing isn’t as easy as it looks. There are many techniques and strategies involved in catching fish (and especially big fish) and you’ll need the right tackle and equipment to get the most out of your fishing expeditions.

To help your efforts, our team has selected the top fishing blogs to bring to you the very best in tips and tricks on becoming a fishing pro. From learning how to tie knots, to the best local haunts, to what color lure you’ll need to reel in a monster, these blogs have all the bases covered.

We are happy to award badges to each of the bloggers that made the grade, and we encourage you to share our list of blogs with others who also enjoy this incredible sport.

Congratulations to the bloggers that made the list and happy fishing!

The Top 75 Fishing Blogs for 2011
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Scum rock !

640am...cast alone at " Angry bird" near Village X.

Cast almost 1 hour but no strike yet...cast for the last time before back home . The drain was rether weedy so i choose to retrieve Scum frog slowly with pauses , hoping to entice the haruan down there to come up to investigate or take a bite .The trick worked ...get one strike..kakabooooooooooom!!!..yeahhh!..i catch 32cm haruan.

Scum frog perfect hook up!

32cm haruan with my weapons....Daiwa Ryoga 1016 + Major Craft Slicer rod

Thank for great strike!...time to go!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Hunted tree

530pm...cast alone at "The Hunted tree" near Village X .

Cast Surecatch Junior frog with short splashy pauses made during retrieve . I did not expect it all as the haruan moved in from below without warning to grab my slowly moving frog and then went straight down for cover ., followed emergence of some nice huge bubbles . I immediately reacted with a good yankwhich forced the haruan to take the air . I pumped it in shortest time . Upon landing ,i noticed that was no sign of my lure , as it was swallowed . Yehooo!!!...i catch 46cm haruan .

Wow!...Surecatch Junior frog solid hook up!

46cm haruan compare to my weapons

Yeahhh!!!..time to go...thank for great fight Mr Channa!

The grave of snakehead

630am...cast alone again at " The grave " near Village X .

Cast River2sea Bully wa 55 past a quiet despression in grassy bank...Pop! get gentle tug...i yank my rod! yeahhh!!!..i catch 3ocm haruan

Yeahhh!!! River2sea Bully wa 55

Snakehead with my weapons....Shimano calcutta Conquest 100DC + Major craft Slicer rod

Oyeeeeeeeehhhh!!!..go baby go !

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snakehead year of the dragon

540pm...cast alone at " The Grave " near Village X . Get lot of strike today..yeahhh!!1

Cast River2sea Bully Wa 55 near dead tree trunk in the middle of pond...kakaboooom!!!..get one great strike..yehooo!!!..i catch 37cm haruan.

Wow! River2sea Bully Wa 55 frog solid hook up

37cm haruan compare with my weapons...Shimano Calcutta Conquet 100Dc + Major Craft Slicer rod

Yeahhh!!!...Catch and released for future angler!

Snakehead of Chinese New Year

715am....Cast alone this morning at " Angry bird " near Village X this morning.

Hear loud sound near weedy area...pop!..pop!..cast Hanomiya black frog to that area...boooom! get one big strike..yehooo!!!..i catch 39cm haruan .

Persistenly working with Hanomiya black frog paid off..yeahh!

Cast middle of canal...get one miss hook up...cast again near weed area...pop!...get one strike...yehaaa!!!..i catch 35 cm haruan

Yeahhh!!! Hanomiya frog can get heavily chewed up by haruan

My second catch 35cm haruan

Cast inside weeds...kakabooooooooooom!!!..get one big strike in weed..yehooo!..i catch 42cm haruan using Hanomiya black frog

Yeahhh!!!..Hanomiya black frog do it again!

Third catch ...42cm haruan

yeahhhh...bye-bye Mr Snakehead !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good morning Mr Channa!

7am...cast alone at " angry bird"near Village X . Get lot of strikes today...yeahhh!!!

After saveral miss hook up..finally i get one big strike in weeds..boooooom!!!..yehooo!..i catch 45cm haruan using Hanomiya black frog

Yeahhh!!!...Hanomiya black frog do it again!

yeahh!!!..till we meet again Mr Channa!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Major Craft Slicer : First blood

Last week i bought new weapon...Major Craft Slicer Mobile Custom rod ( 4pcs /10-16lb )

530pm...Cast alone at " The Grave" near Village X . Today i want to test my new rod...yeahh...let the hunt begin!

After several cast..get one great strike in weedy banks...pop!!!..yehoo..i catch 40cm haruan using Eupro pop frog

wow!...big appetite for Eupro pop frog

Hear loud sound..pop..pop ...!!!.in weedy area...cast Hanomiya frog near weedy area...booommmm!!!...get strike!..yehooo!!!..i catch 41 cm haruan

Close view haruan with Hanomiya black frog...solid hook up!

Yeahhh!!!....till next fight!