Sunday, October 26, 2008

My fishing reference

It have been raining cats and dogs for 2 day in Labuan Island. Yesterday ,i did not went for fishing for there was a program organised for my student and it lasted until 6pm.Today,still i can't go fishing because its still raining outside.Arrrghhhh...

These is the reading materials and DVD that i bought every month.The topics are about fishing and tips from experience anglers.It was my guidece and reference so i can increase my knowlage in fishing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My snakehead hunting weapons

Baitcaster set : Seahawk Rinji ( rod) & Abu Garsia Silver Max ( baitcast)
Spinning set : Abu Garsia Ultra Cast ii fast action ( rod) & Abu Garsia Cardinal 104

Most dangerous lure...frogy and destroy

popper & minnow....exciting and addictive

Hand glove, insect repellent & lip grip

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rapala skitter walk vs Varanus salvator

5pm,under Tanjung Aru bridge , my friends and i went bait casting for siakap ( silver baramundi/selungsung/Lates Calcarifer ) After trying for 1 hour ,no fish was cought .

But someting interesting happened , my friend Rapala skitter walk was hooked on back of Malayan water monitor lizard ( biawak /Varanus salvator ). Here are some of pictures that i took and i want to shere it with all of you .

hah...hah..catch and release. That why fishing is an interesting sport because you never knew what you will cought and experience you will get .

7 years snakehead prison

Why i call 7 years snakehead prison? Because this place was closed for fishing almost 7 years .In this lake there are lots of snakehead like toman ( giant snakehead /Channa micropeltes ) and haruan ( Channa striatus ) .

I heard about this place from someone that its full full with snakeheads species and today was my chance to explore its potential . Fro my observation ,the area are shollow weedy .Twice , i saw toman the size about 4kg playing on the surface of the water .

Thought these area is prohibited, i know that one day i will come here for fishing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malayan pangolin ( Manis javanica )

5pm,I went fishing alone today at drain areas in Durian Tunjung .No fish touch my bait at all.Maybe it because of the water in it lower than usual.But it's not my unlucky day because i saw Malayan pangolin ( Manis javanica ) or tenggiling in Malaysia language. I immediately took some pictures of it .

The second odd things that happened was when came a man out of no where in orange t-shirt and black pant asking me if it i saw his goat . Till this day ,it puzzle me because as long as i know the place where i fishing was not even a route for people to walk . I wonder why he went deeper into the swamp and asking such question .

6pm,the cloud is getting darker. I packed my fishing gear and went home with question unanswered in my mind .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Labuan Island fish market

7am..Today my family and i went to Labuan fish market and bought some fish for dinner.Here are some of interesting pictures that i want to share with you all .

A variety of farm product such as pumpkin,ginger,cucumber ,lemon grass and other local vegetables sold here .

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barkley Gulp vs snakehead

This is my Barkley Gulp and Barkley powerbait that i bought at Kota kinabalu while in went there doing some job . The shop that sell this Barkley Gulp and Barkley powerbait was told by my friend...Mr ming2elly ,as he was also a snakehead hunter like me.

Berkley Glup technique

Ring tube


Drop shot

Ring float



Ringg wacky

Ringg jig

I can't wait to use all Barkley Gulp to hunt snakehead

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snakehead heaven : the secret reveal

5pm,my friend and i visit our snakehead heaven again . Just like yesterday we hunted for haruan, but today someting suprising happened.

Today i am using Hula poper , Fina spinnerbait and Eupro soft plastic frog

First i tried using Hula poper but Hula poper keep stucked on the weedy grass there . I change to Eupro soft plastic frog but after saveral cast are still no response. Finaly i change to Fina spinnerbait,then i cast the Fina spinnerbait near the weedy areas,sudenly someting catched my Fina spinnerbait.

Yehooo..600grm haruan

Back to nature..thank for good fight!..catch and release to maintain the population of haruan fish here.

Secret reveal !...Toman ( Channa micropeltes ) was here. Catch of the day..2kg toman by Mr!!..that is real giant snakehead !

Catch,photo and release ( CPR )

The place is so muddy and slimy but for the love of fishing,its not an obstacle for me .

Revenge of snakehead hunter

5pm, today my friends and i come again to the snakehead heaven..the war is begin!

wow! strike my Surecatch froggy

This is my catch today..400grm haruan,small but really entertaining from the fight given

My friend ,Mr Amir...catch 1.6kg it so big!!

The snakehead with Hart beater...the magical lure!

Mr amir second catch.500grm!

Release back to nature after weighting and photo

7pm..we all pack go home..snakehead...i will back..asalabista bebeh.!!