Sunday, August 31, 2008

top water lure techniques

plastic frog


splash tail prop bait


Saturday, August 23, 2008

22 ogos 2008 Lost world of Haruan kingdom

No one ever expect the existence of the 'lost world' in Kilan village,Labuan island . It does not refer to any castle or any ancient treasure but a hiding place of snakehead fish which have never taste or know any baits . Only a hard core anglers will go throught the jungle to be there .

Trees,bushes and other plants overhanging the banks provide cover for snakehead fish and also a soure of food, because terrestrial creatures such as spiders,beetles and caterpillars frequently fall from their branches and leaves into the water . Reeds are tall grasses that can reach a height about 3 m ( 10 ft ).When is no wind,any movement of reed stems may be caused by snakehead fish .
Beeds of reed line the margins of many stillwaters and are as comman on recently created waters as as on established lakes.Their stems plays host to wide variety of animal life,including many invertebrates such as snails ,frog,the larvae of damselflies and dragonflies.
Normally too dense for fish to swim in and out of,they are nonetheles attractive to some species . Haruan ( Channa Striatus) and Toman ( Channa Micropeltes )for exemples lurk alongside reed stems waiting for passing prey , beautifully camouflaged by their marking.

5.45pm , using Eupro plastic frog ( 17.7g/top water ) , i cast it towards the weedy area and i succesfully got a 1.1kg haruan ( Channa Striatus )....Yehoooo

Its not easy looking for the snakehead fish . Sometimes , the pressure from other anglers hunting for the fish makes it became smart and cautions with any baits . That why i always look and explore a new fishing area although i had to trek deep into the jungles with thorns and wild vines .I got cuts and scratches but its was worth it . I got to enjoys the scenery that no body ever seen before . That is the beauty of snakehead fishing .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Most recommended fishing tackles shop in Labuan Island , Malaysia

If you come to Labuan Island , there were two fishing tackles shops . I highly recommends these shops because it have a friendly and knowledgeable workers regarding the fishing world . Ask anything about equipment and they were ready with satisfying answers . And that how i was introduced into the world of bait casting fishing and met a lots of new friends .

Lot no U0105 ,
P.O.Box 80083 ,
87008 Labuan ,Malaysia
Tel : 6 087-411052
Fax: 6 087-426980
Email :

Hujung Pasir , P.O.Box 185 ,
87008 Labuan , Malaysia.
Fax : 087 416710

Sunday, August 17, 2008

16 ogos 2008 The attack of 4.6kg Tomanzilla ( Channa Micropeltes)

shallow weedy areas at Kilan village lake can produce good toman fish ( Channa Micropeltes )

4pm Kilan village , using Eupro plastic frog ( 17.7g/7cm/top water/colour 24 ). I cast it towards the weedy area and i succesfully got a 4.6kg toman fish ( Channa Micropeltes )...yehooo

poor... my Eupro plastic frog..badly damage my lucky day..Yehoooo..banzai !!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

searching for lipan laut ( king rangworms / Nereis spp ) at Sungai Miri village beach

6pm Sungai Miri beach,Labuan . My friend and i were looking for lipan laut ( ragworms) .We used a long metal rod to break through the rock . The lipan laut is used for fish bait .

The length of lipan laut is 1 meter long and it have lots of legs .Anglers classify the varius species of lipan laut ( ragworms ) by colour and size . Red ragworms can be dug from shellfish beds and stone patches in estuaries, and keep for up a week if looosely wrapped in damp newspaper and refrigerated .
King red ragworms are the larges reds,use in portions or whole for stingrays and similar large predators.Smaller reds are popular ganeral porpose bait, while tiny harbour ragworms , dug from estuarine mud, are much loved by flounders .White ragworms , the favourite bait of match , are found in clean sand .

Friday, August 15, 2008

15 ogos 2008 The hunt of Channa Striatus at the Sungai Miri village

4pm Sungai Miri village, Labuan . I promised my students that we are going to try out a new area . Last week my students caught 2kg haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ), but today i failing to get any fish after trying out several bait, we packed up . This trip is meaningful for me because it help me to get know my students .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

14 ogos 2008 Channa Micropeltes war

6pm kilan , Labuan . Using Hart buzz bait ( red/black )which i cast to shallow weedy areas .

I got myself a 400grm toman fish ( Channa Micropeltes )...yehoooo

Saturday, August 9, 2008

9 ogos 2008 Channa Striatus attack

Like a nicotine addicts , thats what fishing world mean to me . Today , at 5pm my friends and i ventured into the Merinding forest lake again .Each of us look for our own spot to hunting for snakehead spicies . My spirit was high for i've bought a killer bait...Surecatch froggy ( col code F22 14g/0.56oz ).
Several of my attempts fails to get any catch althought the response was good .I changed into Hart beather 3/8oz but no snakehead fish can be seen .

I changed it again to Surecatch froggy ( col code F22 14g/0.56oz ). This time i look for any sign of fish before casting . Then i saw some movement at shollow weedy areas 7 feets from i stand .

I cast my magical Surecatch froggy to that place suddenly a strong force jerk me . I roll the fish rod , a 500grm haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) comes into view .

I know its smaller than any my catch before but...the feeling of satisfaction is unspeakable.....yehoooooooooo!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

3 ogos 2008 Channa Striatus again

I can still taste the superb delicius haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) soup that i had last night . I went again to that 'spot' in Lubuk Temiang village with my friends . We met in front the Lubuk Temiang primary school around 5pm . I brought are chicken guts as bait . This bait is effective to lure the fresh water fish because of its stinky smells. Just imagine how stinky it is when flies swarms all over plastic bag even before i open it .But as hardcore anglers , i wouldn't mind it at all .

After 20 minutes trekking , we arrived at the secret location . Without delay , i put the chicken guts on my fishing hook and throw it away towards the fallen branches in the water . Your fishing line might get stuck or tangle along the branches but you had take the risk because thats where snakehead fish likes to 'play' . After waiting for 30 minutes / my fishing rod was bend , pulled by a strong force from the water .
Without wasting precius time , i pulled as hard as i can . The fish suprise me when it jumped 1 meter above the water and tried to get loose . I guess it my lucky day . It was a 2kg haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) again today . I jus can't describe my feelings with word . Yehooooo....

how to cook haruan (Channa Striatus ) soup

4 pieces haruan fish
2 cloves garlic
2 cloves shallots
2 cloves onions
1 tsp oil

* According to some research , the haruan ( Channa Striatus ) fish contains medicinal values . In Malaysia the malays folk usually prepared haruan fish soup for woman who give birth or those who had surgery because it is believe to be good for health and heal the womb faster .

(1)Heat the oil and fry the sliced garlic,shallots and anions

(2) Add haruan fish

(3) Add salt

(4) Close the lid of the pot and cook fish slowly

(5) Add in the water and carry on boiling until fish coooked

(6) Serve hot garnished with chopped spring onions.....slurrrp so delicious