Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forbidden lake whopper

5pm..cast with my friends at Lake X ( ..arrghhh...forgot to setting date and time in my camera , it appear with date 2006 )

Pak Majid catch 1.1kg haruan...bravo!

A beautiful haruan fooled by SPRO Frog..Wow!

Bye-bye my darling!

Catch and released my day! just get two strikes but no hook-up..till the next hunt

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dark Art Caster meet Selunsong Hunter Team Brunei

Two day before , received a massage in my Facebook and Blog from my friend...Azlan in Brunei . azlan told me that he is coming to Labuan Island to visit and fishing with me . Yesterday , he had arrived from Brunei and i pickup and took him straight to the hotel . Today , around 6am i picked him up from hotel and took him to my secret fishing spot aka "Forbidden Snakehead Heaven "

My friend ...Azlan Selunsong Hunter Team from Brunei

Pak Majid catch 400grm haruan

Solid hook-up..Seahawk Mini Frog with haruan

My whopper of the day!..Yehoo!!!..i catch 1.0kg haruan

Good size...

Close up view.. Haruan with Eupro Superior frog

My killer lure today..Eupro Superior Frog aka Snow White

Catch and released

Wow! swim so fast like torpedo

Azlan catch 500grm haruan

Solid hook-up !!!

Azlan with me...Mantap!!! ( great )

Nice catch...! Fizan and Pak Majid with Azlan

Memorable picture...Labuan Snakehead hunter with Azlan from Selunsong Hunter Brunei

Azlan released the haruan go!

On the way back to my car , i found beautiful flower...Wow!. For today fishing trip, it is quite a privilege and many happy moment between us.We have lots of fun fishing together and this had made our friendship stroger . Can't wait to visit him in Brunei next month for adventurous and fun fishing trip .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mr Black love Snow White

7am..on the way to buy breakfast this morning , i stop for a while to cast at drain near Lajau Village .

Last cast before go to my car..get one great strike from weedy area!..pop!..Yehoo!!...i catch 500grm Haruan aka Mr Black!

Mmmmmpuahhh...a kiss from Mr Black to Snow White

My weapon with haruan...Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast rod + 20lb Eupro EX-5 braided line

It time to go Mr Black!

Catch and released

Snow White aka Eupro Superior Frog

This is the stall that i bought my family's breakfast this morning

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The seductive Mr White and Mr Green ...

4pm...Super snaggy territory ,Cast with my friend..Fizan

The splashing by the water attracted our attention ...

My first catch...500grm haruan..Yehooo!!!

The white coloured frog seem to be attractive,especialy to the haruan

The seductive Mr white...Eupro Superior Frog

Haruan with my weapon...TICA DJ 100

Catch and released our species now when we still have them, NOT AFTER...!

My second catch...1.0kg haruan..Yehooo!!!

Close up view...haruan with Eupro Superior Frog,it has really trigged the hunger pang of this haruan

Haruan with my beautiful shoes..ha..ha...full with mud

The seductive Mr Green...Eupro Superior Frog

Catch and released...thank for superb strike!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The attack of Black monster

Cast with my friends at forbidden area.

Suddenly pak majid get one great strike!


The monster is fighting back....!


Pak Majid catch 3.6kg toman..Wow! You the man !

Pak Majid ,Fizan and me with Toman

Solid hook-up...Rapala Fat Rap with Giant snakehead aka Toman

Pak Majid open the lure

Catch and released

Joni catch 300grm and 700grm haruan ..Wow!

Catch and released my day!