Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year 2013

Wish to all anglers a happy new year 2013 and catch monster snakehead total catch in 2012 are 210 , hope i will catch more snakehead  next year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

King of frog !

Solo cast today near Village X . Get lot of strike today
My first cast..strike in super weedy area  .  My first catch...48cm snakead...yeahhhh!!!
wow! snakehead swallowed my seahawk mini frogy
my second catch...39cm snakehead
yeahh!!! scum frog solid hook up
my third catch 32cm snakehead
Scum frog do it again !
time to go Mr channa !

King of pop!

Cast alone this morning before buy breakfast for my family
Get lot of miss hook up when using Scum frog this morning...than i change to rapala Skitter pop....pop...pop...pop...Booom! get strike ....snakehead jumping in the air several time. Finally i manage to landed this 40cm snakehead ...yeahhh!
Finally solid hook up...Rapala Skitter pop  rock !
40cm snakehead compare with my weapons...Daiwa Crossbeat rod + Megabass Ito Monoblock 100XR 
back from snakehead casting  , i had roti canai before back home..delicious breakfast ...slurrp!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crossbeat VS Snakehead

Cast this morning with my friend near Village X . Today i want to test my new rod ..Daiwa Crossbeat
After miss hook up using Scum frog , than i change to Seahawk mini frogy....get strike  near weedy area..pop! yeahhh! i catch 31cm snakehead
Oyehhh!!!...seahawk mini frogy swallowed by snakehead
31cm snakehead with my new rod ..Daiwa Crossbeat

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snakehead combo

my compilation of snakehead  catch of this week at  "  poison swamp " near Village X . 
my first catch
my second catch
my second catch
my fourth catch
my friend catch...Ridzuan with first snakehead using Terminator T1 spinnerbite
my friend catch...Ridzuan with second snakehead using seahawk mini frog
my friend catch...Junnes with snakehead using seahawk mini frog

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brunei fishing trip 2012

On 17 Nov to 20 Nov , i go to Brunei for fishing trip .
my first day at Brunei...snakehead hunt at EPM ,  Brunei...let the hunt begin!
my first catch using Seahawk mini frog
my second catch using Hinomiya popper frog
my third catch snakehead using Hinomiya popper frog
my fourth catch using Hinomiya popper frog
my friens...Azlan Hmy STA with his Giant snakehead
my friend...king fisher with his giant snakehead..bravo!
Second day...casting with my friends from Selunsong Team Angler  ( STA )  at Tutong , Brunei...yeahhh! salt water mode is on!
my first catch ... Mangrove jack....yeahhh!!!
 Mangrove jack rip off my split ring
my second catch.... grouper
My third catch..Mangrove jack
Thank to all my friends form Selunsong TeamAngler Brunei for great hospitality 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scum frog : the snakehead killer !

Cast with my friend this morning at Village X . Get lot of strike!
My first catch this morning...35cm snakehead using Scum frog .
My second catch...30cm snakehead using Scum frog
my third catch...32cm snakehead 
super combo! Abu Garcia spoon combine with Berkley Powerbite grub
My fourth catch...35cm snakehead using Scum frog
My friend ...Ardito with his catch today

The black predators

Cast with my friends at Village X . Get lot of strike  today 
My first catch...39cm snakehead using Scum frog
My second catch...28cm snakehead using Scum frog
My third catch...40cm snakehead using KIMKAS frog
wow! Kimkas frog swallowed by snakehead
My friend..Ardito first catch
My friend..Ardito second catch
My friend..Ardito third catch
catch and released...yeahh!!!