Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super predator

5pm cast with my friend at drain near banana farm ..village X .
My first catch 700grm haruan..Yehoo!!!
wow! my killer lure swallow by this haruan
Good size compare to my weapons...yes!
Second catch...200grm haruan
ha..ha...the small snakehead swallow all Seahawk Mini frog
All haruan i catch ...i released back to the drain..till next fight! Yeahhh!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Black drain

9am after the family returned from breakfast, I cast at drain near village X, the water so claudy cast 30minutes ...but don't get any strike.
Last cast before back home...get strike near weedy area, i catch 2oogrm haruan..Yehooo!!!
Seahawk Mini frog...solid hook up on lip
Just small snakehead compare to my weapons
It time to go!..till next fight

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tonasama Gearu frog VS small predator

630pm..cast with my friend at drain near Village X. We called .." The white drain"
Last cast before back home..i catch 3oogrm haruan
Yeah!..Mazzy MF40 Tonasama Gearu frog solid hook up on the lip
Just small snakehead...but better than no strike whole day..he2
Catch and released..bye-bye till next fight!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eskavator drain

530pm..cast with my friend at drain near village X. we call ed this drain..."Drain of Eskavator" ..because just been clear by Eskavator .
Get 3 miss strike when using Berkley powerbait Grub...finally i change to Mazzy MF40 ...i catch 300grm haruan
Mazzy MF 40 frog ...solid hook up on the haruan lip
Just small snakehead compare to my weapons
catch and released...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The attack of 3 monsters

430pm .. cast with my friends at Port X.. Near village X. Let the Hunt begin ...
Ridzuan start the day with his catch..1.0 kg haruan , using Seahawk mini frog ( black)
First cast get one strike near weedy area but not hook up..than i cast again at same area....get one great strike..pop!...Yehoo!!!..i catch 1.1kg haruan .
wooo...big haruan swallow my killer lure...Seahawk mini frog
Big haruan compare with my weapons...which weapons most dangerous?
My friend..Victor catch 800gram haruan
wow! haruan swallow all the Eupro Superior Frog ( white)
All haruan we released back ..till next hunt..Yeahhh!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Snakehead 100

630am..cast alone again at drain near banana farm .

This morning i'm using my new weapon...BASSRAT , this lure i bought at Brunei
Just first cast..get one great strike near weddy area . Yehoo!!!..i catch 300grm haruan..and it was my 100 snakehead catch..yes!
haruan compare to weapons..Shimano Calcutta 50 XT
BASSRAT solid hookup on haruan lip
Go baby go...thank for great strike..till next hunt . 7am ..i pack my gear and back home.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Espresso frog

7am..cast alone again this morning at drain near banana farm , Village X .
Get 3 strikes but miss hook up..finally i catch 300grm haruan using Seahawk mini frog ( brown )
Yes! ...Seahawk mini frog solid hook up on the lip
Haruan compare with my gum boot
Bye-bye...till next fight ! 730am i pack my gear and back home

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raigyo Malaya

5pm .. feel reluctant to cast this afternoon because of weather conditions such as want of rain. But I still go out to cast down because not rain yet. Today I cast with my friend near the drain of banana plantations. Let the hunt begin ...
After miss strike two times at weedy area ...finally i catch this 300grm haruan , this haruan strike my lure when the lure passing by the weedy area .
This Haruan swallow my killer lure ... Seahawk mini frog
My second catch..700grm haruan. This haruan strike my lure 1 meter from me..wow!
Surecatch Junior Frog solid hook up on haruan lip
Big haruan with my limited edition gum boot...full Camouflage...he2
Yeah!!!....catch and released . 630pm i pack my weapons and back home .

Gate of predator

730am..cast alone at watergate near village X . The water low and black .. heard a small explosion in the area grass, made me very impatient to cast .
Get one strike near weedy area...today i'm using Scum frog
Yehoo!!!..i catch 300gram haruan.