Friday, June 14, 2013

King of pop

Cast with my friend today  at drain near my house

                                                    My first catch ...45cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop

My second catch 30cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop

Rapala Skitter pop...rock!
My friend..Zul with his catch

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My new weapon : Daiwa Zillion Crazy Cranker

Yehooo!!! i recived my new reel from  Japan...Daiwa Zillion Crazy Cranker. Daiwa specifically designed the Zillion 4.9 High Power for crankbait fishing applications, the Crazy Cranker reels offer a slower, high-torque gear ratio of 4.9:1. For the powerful retrieve needed to work a wide variety of plugs with efficiency and ease. Superior smoothness and reliability are also part of the package, thanks to six ball bearings, including anti-corrosion CRBB bearings, and a roller bearing. Plus, casting performance, durability and precision that are uniquely TD Zillion.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toman bunga : My personal record 2013

Cast with my friend at lake near Village X this morning

This is amazing...this morning i target to catch Giant snakehead ( toman ) but my lure get hit and run near tree trunk...fight for 5 minutes than i able landed 56cm Toman bunga ( Channa Marulioides, also known as Toman Bunga in Malaysia. ) ..using River2sea Crank Snub .

Yeahh!!!...nice hook up!...River2sea Crank Snub

 Yeahhh!!! personal record 2013 ...catch 56cm Toman Bunga at Labuan Island...most rare snakehead ever at this island !

                      Last cast before back friend...Ridzuan catch small toman using Zerek Barra X