Monday, February 28, 2011

Bamboo pond

530pm...cast with my friend today at " Bamboo pond " near village X .

After 2 times miss hook up...finally i catch 300grm haruan..yehooo!!!

Seahawk mini frog...solid hook up!

Haruan with my weapons.

My friend..Ridzuan with 500grm haruan..

Solid hook up!..Surecatch junior frog. Till next figh...yeahhh!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VERITAS : First blood

6pm..cast alone at " The Hulk" near village X .
Get one great strike in the middle of the swamp...booom!!!..yehoo!!! i catch 700grm haruan
Solid hook up! ...haruan swallowed all my Seahawk mini frog lure
Haruan with my new weapon...Abu Garsia VERITAS rod 8-17lb

Catch and released...yeah!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The little predator

630am..cast at "Double blade port " near Village X .
3 times miss hook up...finally i catch 200grm Giant snakehead /Toman...just small but strike my lure so brutally
" Eye of evil"...hook up with Seahawk mini frog
Little snakehead with my weapons

Time to go..till next fight!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sabah Snakehead day trip- Membakut tiger trip with my friends at Membakut Eco Lake , state of Sabah...let the hunt begin
To get there...we walk because the road full with mud..just 4wd vehicle can cross this road
walk and walk...
View of Membakut Eco Lake

my first catch..yehoooooo!!! 1.2 kg haruan ..yeahh!!
River2sea Bully wa frog solid hook up on haruan mouth
Big mama haruan with my weapons...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + Expert Graphite rod
My second catch...200grm toman / Giant snakehead..yeahh!!!
Another solid hook up...Seahawk mini frog
Small but good fighter !
My third catch...1 kg toman / Giant snakehead..yeahh!!
Zerek pencil solid hook up !

catch and released..till next fight!

Before back home we take pictures ...till next hunt yeah!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Giant snakehead on Chinese New Year

7am...cast with my friends at " Double blade port " near village X .
My first cast get one great strike..pop!..yehooo!!!..i catch 300grm Giant snakehead/ toman ( channa micropeltes )

River2sea Bully wa frog solid hook up on Giant snakehead lip
small snakehead with my weapons..Shimano calcutta Conquest 100 DC + Expert Graphite rod

It time to go...till next hunt ..yeaaaahhhh!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr Black

630am..cast at "L port " near village X .
First cast...first strike..yehoo!!!..i catch 200grm haruan

Seahawk mini frog solid hook up on haruan lip
small haruan compare to my weapons

My second catch 600grm haruan..yehoo!!!

snakehead eat salad..he2..another Seahawk mini frog solid hook up

haruan compare to my weapons..Abu Garsia Vendetta rod + Shimano Calcutta 50XT

Till next fight...bye-bye Mr black!

The little rascal

430pm..explore and cast with my friend at new area , we called it ..." Omega 3 port " near village X .
My first cast..get one small haruan ( 200grm )..yehooo!!!

Close up view...solid hook up Seahawk mini frog on haruan..yeah!!..i released back this haruan to the drain. Till next hunt!..huraaaaaaaaaah!!!