Sunday, January 27, 2013

Megatron snakehead

Cast with my friends near Village X . 
My friend ..Victor start our hunt with good size snakehead , using Eupro frog
My friend...Junnes catch good size snakehead using seahawk mini frogy
Finally i renew my record on Haruan today...i catch big mama !...55 cm snakehead using Scum frog. I did not expect it all as snakehead moved below without warning to grab my slowly moving Scum frog and than straight down for cover , followed by the emergence of some nice huge bubbles . I immediately reacted with a good yank , i pumped it in shorthest possiple time . Yeahhhh...i catch big mama!
Oyehhhh! big mama
Mama mia ! 55 cm snakehead
Romeo and Juliet....Thank for great strike!...time to go..till we meet again

Scum frog VS Snakehead

Cast this morning with my first catch 35cm snakehead using scum frog
35cm snakehead
my second catch...30cm snakehead using scum frog
30cm snakehead with my weapons...Megabass Ito Monoblock 100XR 

The Jumping snakehead

Cast with my friends today near Village X . Using seahawk mini frog and scum frog  but  no strike , than i change to Eupro crank . Cast  to the middle of the drain...jerk...jerk...and get strike...the snakehead jumping in the air. Finally i manage to landed this 40cm snakehead...yeahhh!
Eupro crank solid  hook up on snakehead....yeahhhh!
40cm snakehead with my weapons
My second catch...35cm snakehead , get strike in the middle  of drain
yeahhh! solid hook up on Daiwa T.D Popper 
35cm snakehead
Zooom.....go baby go !

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pop..pop...King op pop !

Cast with my friends this morning near Village X.  My first catch ...36cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop 
my second catch...38 cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop
my 3rd catch...46 cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop
my 4th catch...39 cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop
my 5th catch...40 cm snakehead using Rapala Skitter pop...yeahhhhhh! 
My friend...Ardito first  catch using Rapala   Sikitter pop
Ardito second catch using Seahawk mini frog

The killer frog VS snakehead

 around 7am...cast with my friends near Village X. Get lot of miss hook up this morning. after several trying ...finally get strike near dead tree trunk...yeahhh! i  catch 40cm snakehead using scum frog
Scum frog solid hook up!
Around friends and i come again  , my first cast get strike ...yeah! i catch 30cm snakehead using seahawk mini frogy
30cm snakehead
my friend..Victor catch big snakehead using Seahawk mini frogy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black predator

After several trying ...finally i catch 55 cm snakehead using scum frog
55cm snakehead!
wow! solid hook up....scum frog rock!
catch and released

Saturday, January 12, 2013

King of pop!

Cast with my friends near Village X . My friend ...Beck first catch
my friend ...Beck second catch
my friend..Ardito with his catch
My catch ...42cm snakehead using rapala Skitter pop
wow!...snakehead swallowed Rapala Skitter pop
42cm snakehead
time to go !

frogy VS snakehead

Cast with my friend this morning....after several trying , finally i manage to landed 42cm snakehead using seahawk mini frogy...yeahhh!!
Snakehead love Seahawk mini frogy !
My friend..Ardito catch snakehead using seahawk mini frogy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January rain

Cast  with my friend near Village X today .
After several miss hook up....finally i catch 40cm snakehead using seahawk mini frogy...yeahhh!
wow! snakehead swallowed my lure 
snakehead with my weapons
my friend...Ridzuan first catch
Ridzuan second catch
Catch and released