Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scum frog the serial killer !

530pm...cast with my friends at " banana farm " near Village X.

Cast scum frog into weedy area...pop! get one great strike!..yehooo...i catch 39cm haruan

Second catch!

Third catch...scum frog rock the world!

fourth catch..yeahhh!!!

thank for great fight !

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snakehead Big mama

7am..cast with my friend at " Banana farm" near Village X. get lot of strike today...it was snakehead heaven !

My first catch this morning...41cm haruan..yehooo!!!

Surecatch junior frog with haruan

My second catch 47cm haruan !

Superb solid hook up!

Double hook up! yeahhh!!

My third catch..yehooo!!!

Yeah!!! scum frog do it again

Ridzuan first catch..bravo!

Hanomiya frog solid hook up!

Ridzuan second catch

Catch and released...yeah!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snakehead TNT

Cast with my friends today at " snakehead heaven " near Village X . Get lot of strikes today...wow!

Cast Surecatch junior frog in the middle of drain..get one big strike...booom!!!..yeahhhh!!!

Wow! snakehead swallowed surecatch junior frog

My second catch..strike near weedy area..yeahaaaaaaa!!!

Ho...ho..ho ! Haruan swallowed Scum frog!

My third catch...yehooo!!!

Scum frog the serial killer !

Victor catch snakehead with Sum frog..yeah! bravo my friend !

Scum frog rock the world !

Ridzuan first catch..yeahh!

Hanomiya frog solid hook up!

Ridzuan second catch..bravo!

All snakeheads i released back to new area...till next fight Mr Channa!

Snakehead Ben 10

7am..cast with my friends today at " The grave " near Village X .

Cast in the middle of pond...get one strike in the middle of the pond . I waited for 3-4 second and give it a hefty yank...eyahhh!!!..i catch 36cm haruan.

yeah!..nice hook up...River2sea Bully wa 55 frog

Go baby go!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love potion no 2

Cast alone at " banana farm" near Village X ....wow! it so hot today.

Cast almost 1 hour without any strike...then around 540pm...cast my lure beside grass..get one big strike..pop!..yehaaa!!!...i catch 43cm haruan using Surecatch Junior frog

Super solid hook up!..Surecatch Junior frog rock !

Second catch...30cm haruan strike 2 meter from i stand...yehooo!!!

Surecatch Junior frog do it again!

Oyeeeeeeeh!!!..time to go!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snakehead VIP

430pm..Cast with my friends at " Banana farm " near Village X .Hmmm...today snakeheads so shy..cast almost one hour without any strike...but i will never give up..yeahhh!!!

Than i change to Scum frog...cast in super snaggy area..pop!..get one strike..Yahooo!!!..i catch 35cm haruan

Scum frog rock!

My friend..Victor catch haruan using Hanomiya black popper frog..bravo!

Yehaaaaaaa!!!..time to go!