Friday, April 29, 2011

Giant snakehead VS Jupiter Frog

3.30pm..cast alone at " The spear " near Village X .
After several cast...finally i get one great strike...yeahh!!!..i catch 50cm Giant Snakehead ( toman/ channa Micropeltes )
Bakau Jupiter Frog solid hook up on Giant Snakehead
Giant Snakehead with my weapons...Daiwa Ryoga 1016H + ExpertGraphite rod

yeah!!!..catch and released !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr Channa love Miss Potato

5pm..cast with my friend at " The Matrik " Swamp near Village X . Today i want try my new lure.." Miss Potato "
yeahh!!!..after several miss hook up ..finally i catch 200grm haruan.
Eupro Potato frog aka " Miss Potato "... solid hook up!
Small haruan...25cm

Till next fight!..yeahhh!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bully big mama

730am..cast with my friend at Village X . Got lot of strike!
Yeah!!!..after several miss strike...finally i catch haruan big mama !!!
River2sea Bully wa frog...solid hook up!
Big mama !!!...51 cm..Yehoo!!!
wow! almost same size with my palm

Catch and released...view from under water

SCUM frog : The serial killers

5pm..explore new area with my friend...we called this swamp " The Matrik" near Village X .
My first!!!

Scum frog...super solid hook up!
My first catch...32 cm
My second snakehead..yeahh!!!
My second snakehead ...33 cm
My friend..Victor catch small haruan
Seahawk mini frog..solid hook up!

Till next fight Mr Channa !!!..Yeahhh!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ryoga : First blood

6.03am..cast alone at" Hulk swamp " near Village X . Let the hunt begin !
My first snakehead this morning..yehoo!!!
SCUM frog solid hook up...yeahhh!!!
My first snakehead...36cm
My second snakehead
Second snakehead...38cm
My third snakehead
My third snakehead...44cm!
My fourth snakehead
My fourth snakehad...32cm
My fifth snakehead...yehoo!!!
Fifth snakehead...39cm
Yeahhh!!!..catch and released !

My killer weapons today...DAIWA Ryoga 1016h + Expert Graphite rod + SCUM frog...SUPERB WEAPONS !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Super Tank"

Today recived my new weapon...DAIWA Ryoga 1016H..hope after this more snakehead i will catch with my new weapon. Yeahh!!!
Powerful drag system with oversized washers provides smooth, consistent fish-stopping performance. Swept Handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage

Lightweight, super-strong machined one-piece aluminum frame
High-speed (6.2:1) gear ratios , 8 CRBB ball bearings, plus roller bearing

Daiwa Ryoga 1016H... " The Strongest Small baitcast In The World "

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr Snakeheads

630am...cast with my friend at " Japan pond "near Village X . Let hunt begin !

Yeahh!!! first catch...800grm haruan yehoo!!!
wow!...super solid hook up...haruan swallowed Surecatch Tiny frog
Haruan with my weapons...Abu Garcia Veritas rod + Shimano Calcutta 50XT
Yeahh!!!..don't just talk! it! catch and released
My second catch at area i called " The Double blade "...i catch 300grm Toman ( Giant snakehead /Channa Micropeltes )..Yehoo!!!..i'm using my weapons...Expert Graphite rod +Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC
Koppers frog solid hook up!

Bye-bye Toman...till next fight!