Sunday, February 28, 2010

The forbidden garden

550am..cast with my friend at forbidden garden .

Let the hunt begin!

I cast the lure at weedy water , when the lure past the stalks of grass , there was a "pop" sound but no hook up . Than i cast the lure again , the retrieve was repeated along the same trail and i rewarded with a loud of "sploosh"....i gave the yank. Eeeeyaaah...!!!..Yehoo! i catch 700grm haruan .

Abu Garsia C3 VS Snakehead !

Solid hook up!

The killer of the day...Seahawk mini frog

Catch and released

It time to go..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snakehead special Op : The twin tower

Trekking with my friends...Yassin ,Ridzuan and Bell almost 2km to reach the snakehead heaven at village X .

On the way , we found this tree...We called " The twin tower " . After walk almost 40 minutes finally we found it.

Let the hunt begin .

My first catch..500grm haruan...Yehoo!!!

Predator with Seahawk mini frog

Haruan with my weapons today..Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast ii rod + 20lb Eupro EX-5 braid line

My second catch...1.0kg haruan..Yehooo!!!

Solid hook up!

Wow! almost same size with my palm

My third catch...100grm haruan

This haruan was taken in the rapids where its almost engulfed the whole Seahawk mini frog

Ridzuan first catch..600grm haruan

Close up view..haruan with Surecatch junior frog

Ridzuan second catch..500grm haruan

Solid hook up!

530pm..we pack our gear and back home. Thank to my friend..Yassin to be our guide today . Till next hunt .

Friday, February 26, 2010

The hunt of black monster

6am..cast with my friends at pond near village X.

My first catch..200grm haruan..Yehoo!!!

small but with great appetite!

My second catch..500grm haruan..Yehoo..Yehooo!!!

haruan taken on Eupro Superior Frog..Yes! solid hook up on the lip

Ridzuan catch 300grm haruan

Solid hook up!...Haruan with seahawk mini frog ( black ) . around 840am we pack our gear and back home . Till next hunt !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fire tiger swamp

4pm..cast with my friends at swamp at village X . My friends called this swamp .." Fire Tiger swamp" . They called " Fire Tiger swamp " because snakehead at this swamp love to strike lure fire tiger colour . Let the hunt begin !

My first catch 600grm haruan..Yehoo!!!

VIVA TR 55 frog is one effective lure to make the toothy snakehead angry

Snakehead with my weapons today..Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra cast 11 rod + 20lb Eupro EX-5 braid

VIVA TR 55 frog

My second catch...500grm haruan ...Yehoo!!!

Solid hook up!

Surecatch Junior froggy

All the haruans i released back . These marvelous sportfishes are too valuable to be killed for table , as far we anglers concerned . 630pm...we pack our weapons and back home...till the next hunt !

Snakehead Alcatraz

610am..cast with my friends at pond near vllage X . My friends call this pond.."Alcatraz " was snaggy water . Let the hunt begin !

After miss strike two time..finally i catch 400 grm haruan ..Yehoo!!!

My first haruan this morning , which was the beginning of better things to come

Cast the Epro superior Frog ( white ) near the snaggy water. The bow of wave which followed my lure , suddenly..Pop! get one great strike . Eeeyahhh !!!...i yank my 6-foot 10-20lb Lemax slim max rod , in resulting in the fight being totally turned around to its favour. My brute force paid off ...Yehoo!!! i catch 1.0 kg haruan .

This snakehead fight exceptionally well...Wow!

Catch and released

Thank for great strike!...bye-bye

Fizan with 200grm haruan

Proper hook set by the side of the lips

Snakehead with Fizan's weapon...Abu Garsia Skeet Reese