Saturday, September 22, 2012

Double big mama

540pm...cast with my friend at " The spear " near Village X .
my first catch...53cm snakehead using Terminator T1 spinnerbite
Terminator T1 spinnerbite solid hook up!
my last cast before back home....strike by mama Giant snakehead ...yeahh!!!..i catch 69cm Giant snakehead using Eupro minnow
Yeah! Eupro minnow nice hook up on Giant snakehead
Giant snakehead with my Daiwa Ryoga
thank for great fight!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The last action hero

7am...cast with my friend near banana farm near Village X .

Cast almost one hour without any strike...than my last cast before back home , get great strike near weedy area . Yehaaa!!!...i catch 45cm snakehead

Seahawk mini frogy solid hook up!

Daiwa Ryoga VS snakehead

time to go mr channa!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Double Channa

630am..cast with my friend at banana farm near Village X .

My first catch...41cm snakehead...yeahhhh!!!

Seahawk mini frogy solid hook up

My second catch...46cm snakehead

Catch and released..yeah!

Fast & Furious

Cast with my friend at " The spear " near Village X . It so hot today ,the temperature 33.6 Celsius .

Arrive at the swamp first cast get strike on fast! it my luck day...i catch 63cm Giant snakehead using Terminator T1 Fire Tiger spinnerbite.

yes! Terminator T1 spinnerbite solid hook up

Giant snakehead with my super weapon...Daiwa Ryoga 1016H

time to go Mr Giant Snakehead !

Saturday, September 8, 2012


530pm...Cast alone at "The spear " near Village X .

cast Hinomiya popper frong in raining day...get strike near weedy area...yeah !!! i catch 44cm snakehead

Hinomiya popper frog swallowed by!

44cm snakehead with my weapon...released back to nature unharmed

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Double snakehead VS Evo Shad FT

530pm...Cast with my friends at " The spear " near Village X . Today i want to try my new lure...Surecatch Evo Shad Fire tiger

My first catch ...47cm haruan..yeah!

Solid hook up!

My second catch...61cm Giant snakead...yeahhhh!!!

Surecatch Evo Shad solid hook up !

61cm Giant snakehead...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Catch and released

Snakehead from Gangnam swamp

630am..explore new swamp with my friends..i called this swamp " Gangnam swamp"

Get lot of strike this morning but no hook up...last cast before i back home , i catch 38cm snakehead using seahawk mini frogy

wow! snakehead swallowed Seahawk mini frogy

yeahhh!!! catch and released

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spinnerbite VS little snakehead

730am...cast with my friend at Toxic swamp near Village X .

My only catch this morning ... 32cm snakehead using Seahawk 3D eye Spinnerbite

Seahawk 3D eye Spinnerbite solid hook up!

My friend Ardito...first catch using Scum frog

Ardito... second catch using Hinomiya Spinnerbite

Catch and released