Sunday, May 31, 2009

The attack of Tomanzilla ! friends and i cast at " Forbidden Snakehead heaven "

Today i still using my killer lure..Seahawk mini frog, cast the lure on the weedy area.."Pop"!!!..get strike...Yehoo i cought 400grm Haruan

Small but aggresive....look at my beautiful shoes..he2

Seahawak mini frog so yummy...

This small Haruan rip off my Seahawk Mini aggresive

Suddenly Mr Amir get one great strike!!!..." Bommmm !!! "

It was a scary seeing the line running

Fuyoooo!!!...Giant snakehead

Wow!!!...Mr Amir cought 3.0 kg Toman

Close - up the lure...Seahawk mini frog with Toman

Toman with Seahawk Camo rod + Abu Garsia C5 baitcast + 50 lb PowerPro braid

Haruan ( Channa Sitrus ) and Toman ( Channa Micripeltes )...the great fighter ! Today i was so happy because can spend time with my friends and a very successful snakehead fishing trip

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seductive Berkley Powerbait Fire tiger !

615pm...cast alone at drain near Bukit Kalam

First i use Seahawk mini frog ..get lot of strikes but no hook up..then i change to Berkley Powerbait Grub ( Fire Tiger )

I just cast out the Berkley Powerbait Grub with several short jerks ...then i get one strike..."Pop"...Yehooo..i cought 300grm Haruan

The greedy Haruan fooled by the Berkley Powerbait

Yummy...totally irresistible !

After taking the pictures ..i release back to nature...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

S.S.O (Snakehead Special Op) : " Forbidden heaven" friends and i cast at forbidden snakehead heaven..totaly forbidden !!...i found a small pond while trekking the junggle...try cast beyond the bush and then get strike!!!...

" No pain..No gain..."

My first catch..200grm haruan, using jigging technique..Yehooo!!!

Believe or not ?...this is the place where i get the haruan.

Catch and educate the haruan and indirectly help them to survive againts the onslaught of greedy human being

We move to another part of the lake.

Second catch....400grm Haruan ..Yehooo!!!

Close-up Haruan with Seahawk mini frog..still dangerous !

Monster of black water drain !

Snakehead heaven... nephew and i cast again at drain near my school

Multiple casts towars a rise contributed to landing of this lovely specimen..Yehoo!!! i cought 1.0 kg Haruan

Totally chewed up !...Yummy frog

The manner the green lure has been taken can only mean that it has really triggerd th hunger pang of this Haruan.

Five star lure for snakehead!...Seahawk mini frog

Remove the hook before release...thank Mr channa sitrus!

Berkley Grub Fire it again !

430pm..My friends and i cast at drain near my school

Today i'm using Berkley powerbait Grub Fire Tiger

Yehooo...i cought 200grm Haruan

Hmmm...Berkley yummy!!!

Pak majid with 300grm haruan using his D.I.Y mouse lure !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Berkley Power Grub Fire Tiger vs snakehead

6pm ...i cast at drain near my school, today i meet new friend ...Pak Majid , an experienced snakehead hunter

Today i'm using Berkley Power Grub Fire Tiger...Hmmm....yummy!!

I was cast a small part of the drain . I had made about five casts in the erea and about to move away , but somehow i just stay and continued to cast . I had made repeated cast to the opposite side of drain .In less than second ...Pop!..i get a strike! was a scary feeling , seeing my line running ...but manage to control ..Yehoo!!!..i cought 800grm Haruan .

Mr Channa sitrus with Berkley Power Grud fire tiger still in its mouth...Yes!..solid hook-up!

Haruan with my Abu Garsia Ultra Cast II rod + Abu Garsia Cardinal 104 spinning + 20lb Power Pro braid

Pak Majid with haruan strike !!

Pak Majid first catch...200grm Haruan using his D.I.Y lure..Wow!

Pak Majid second catch...400grm Haruan

Close- up Pak Majid D.I.Y frog with!..solid hook up

This D.I.Y frog was given to me by Pak Majid as a present...thank you so much! are so creative Pak Majid!Hope i can learn from you .